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Poker Loser Trilogy (eBook, ePUB)
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The Poker Loser Trilogy Boxset contains all three of the trilogy's books - Forced Bet, Back in the Game, and Winning Hand. Wealthy and privileged, Allison has lived a comfortable and boring life. But it's a life full of secrets, too. When she finally admits that she's ready to walk on the wild side, she makes her confession to the one person who has the experience to make all of her fantasies a reality. As handsome and roguish Todd challenges Allison to a less-than-innocent game of poker, she recklessly bets it all - herself included - and gives Todd everything he needs to relieve her of her "good girl" guilt. With the chips in his favor, Todd has no trouble forcing Allison into fulfilling every fantasy she's ever had. But as her inhibitions are replaced by a more vulnerable feeling, Allison needs to know whether Todd's all-in or just bluffing when it comes to her heart.

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